About The Coaches

Chris and Trena Brown have been married for 18 years, however, they have been together for 25 years. They have been adding value to couples' vows through their unique yet effective way of marriage counseling for over 12 years.


Through their business, Relationships UNPLUGGED, they have assisted singles, engaged and married couples through whole group sessions, one on one, and small group meetings.


Chris is a retired middle and elementary school principal and currently serves as Lead Pastor of The Sword of Truth, Presiding Prelate of Kingdom Fellowship of Ministries, and President of RCBrown Enterprises. He has authored 4 books, one of which is written for singles called “Waiting Well” .


Trena is currently a Master Teacher in her local school district. She is the president of Confectionate Cheesecakes, and currently developing a business that produces all promotional items.


To their union they have two children.


10 Month Topics

February & March

Exploring Marriage (What is it, What is it for, How do I fit in it)


April & May

Real Love...I’m Searching for Real Love (An Expose' on Love)


June & July

Making Marriage W.O.R.K.


August & September 

The Golden Rule/Deescalate The Situation 


October & November 

Discover Your Love Language 

  • Bishop Robert Christopher Brown, III
  • Bishop Robert Christopher Brown, III


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